Is "Fixed Internet" a solution, or is it a lost cause?

Hello! Thank you for your time! 

I live in a small town, as well as in an apartment building... I currently have Windstream and, while it was alright at first, it's gotten to the point that I'm overpaying for what little quality of internet In receiving. 

I can only get up to 6mbps... I do a lot of gaming and before it didn't really matter since it was mostly single player games, now that I'm playing Genshin Impact and other games that require co-op, it just isn't cutting it. 

I heard about fixed internet, where they use cell phone towers to provide internet, but how good is that internet? I'm willing to pay more than I do already if it's good enough quality. 

Windstream was going to do a free upgrade, but unfortunately due to how the "internet room", or whatever the room downstairs is called that gives us connection, is set up, that isn't an option. Had a technician come only to tell me they couldn't do it. Thus, why I'm looking at different options. 

If you need more specifics, I live in Waynesburg, PA, so not sure what my options really are. I tried looking at websites that told me what providers are in my area, but I don't see anything about fixed internet... Does that mean there just aren't any here? Any help is appreciated!! 

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