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(The Boys) How strong is comic Homelander?

In the TV show, Homelander isn't strong enough to save a plane. Supergirl did that on her first episode and she's weak as hell compare to her comic. So, I want to know, is Homelander's powers water down in the TV show like how Superman's power is water down in the TV shows and movies. If so, how strong is Homelander in the comics. What's his power scale? Is he a city buster, an island buster, a planet buster. Homelander's power level on the TV show seems to be somewhere around the early episodes of Smallville Clark from what I have seen in the two Seasons so far.

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    First, please change your user name.  There are kids on these forums.

    Second, The Boys doesn't really seem too interested in specific numbers, so we don't know exactly.  We know Homelander has done some pretty extreme physical feats.  But The Boys is also a bit more 'real world' in terms of the consequences of extreme super-physics.  It's unclear if he couldn't lift the WEIGHT of a plane or just that he couldn't lift A PLANE.  In reality, a plane where all of it's weight was concentrated on one person's hands would mean that person would just tear right through the aluminum skin like tinfoil.  Or maybe Homelander can't leverage his full strength in flight.

    But it's also likely that he isn't as strong as Superman, even though he's clearly a Superman parody.  Superman bench pressed a PLANET.  That's a level of strength that is just not useful in terms of a plot or narrative.  Hence why that level of bonkers strength doesn't come out in TV or film where Kryptonians are powerful, but need only be powerful enough to suit the story.

    What's important is that he's stronger than any other super - by a large degree.  And is therefore unaccountable.  In Superman, the unaccountable juggernaut is made accountable primarily through his ethics (and to a lesser extent Kryptonite).  Homelander has neither problem.  Hence why he is a terrifying character to everyone who knows the truth about him.  

    The one thing that holds Homelander accountable is his pathological need to be adored.

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