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How long is a Uni exam?

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    It depends on the class. In my experience, in the U.S., mid-term exams were typically one hour, and final exams were two hours.

    In law (graduate) school, exams were three or four hours. 

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    it depends, usually a quarter of an hour, or little more.

    @3 hours for what, surgery? space engineering? most of mine are 15-30 minutes (at the most)

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    3 hours? Depends on the exam.

    Edit: WTF a quarter of an hour exam? Most of my exams were 3 hours long. Engineering btw. Even my shortest exam was at least an hour long.

    Edit 2: Computer Engineering. Any exam, Physics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Computer Architecture, Theory of Signals, Automation, Electronic Systems etc.

    I don't know what you studied, but quarter of an hour exams isn't the average, but it wasn't me who downvoted you.

    "It is standard at most colleges and universities in the US to schedule 3 hour final exams for every class."

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