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Why do Psychologists talk like this?

Most of the Psychologists I have had Therapy with, almost all of them have said this Dialogue: "I am not here to Solve your Problems & Issues" or "I am not here to helpy you out with your Wishes or Goals". Why do they say this? Isn't this outright Hurtful for the Patient? Or Desn't this show a Washing Off the Responsibilities kinda behaviour?

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    Hopefully the Patient will realize that it is up to them to get things done.

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    The only reason they say that is because it is true.  They can only help you to see the issues more clearly so you can solve them for yourself.  They say that because it is a common and completely true statement - your problems cannot be solved unless and until you are ready for them to be solved.

    I've been with two different therapists.  I can tell you that there is only an interchange of ideas in such sessions.  But they helped me to see WHY I was having issues.  I learned to understand the roots of my problems.  And I learned to finally dismiss the things that were hurting me because I finally understood them for the stupid reasons that they really were.  But the change was within me.  The shrinks just helped me find my truths.  As far as I care, they helped me as guides - but that is what I needed at the time.  Guides to find myself.

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    They say that because you are NOT their responsibility and they want to make you realise that lol that is sort of their disclaimer statement to you to say hey, I ain't your cure. I'm here to help. Their occupation is not to take peoples burdens and solve things. Its to listen to the patient, talk about your issues while they help you talk things through with different mindsets or strategys. They recommend different ways of dealing with things. But its YOUR responsibility to take that stuff on board. Its not their issues after treatment. 

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    The same reason that scientists, nerds, and doctors talk the same way too. It makes them feel important and well educated.

    You could reply to them; "I am not here to pay you to listen to my voice while you just sit there staring at me expecting to gain some degree of normality."

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    I doubt anyone said this.

    If so,get another therapists.

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    You're paraphrasing and I doubt any psychologist ever uttered either of those statements. But the goal of psych therapy is to make you recognize the thoughts & behaviors that are detrimental to your own well-being. Psychologists achieve nothing by coddling patients or placating their emotional dysfunctions. Their purpose is to teach you how to cope & adapt so you can fix those problems yourself.

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    They want from the patient to be not dependent on them. That's why I had to lend money to another person repeatedly and never saw them again. (My psychologist "washed her hands".)

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    They just want money

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