Why is the sexy image / persona important for female musicians if men don't  typically consume women's  music ?

I was just thinking. People always complain of the pressure on female pop stars to be sexy....but I was just wondering ...why ?

I love to see Shakira and Rihanna...but I would never dream of BUYING their music or much less going to to their concert.

If women are the consumers of female  pop music...why is it so important for them to keep up the sexy image ?

If anything I would say the sexy image is MORE important for MALE pop stars because women are a huge market for them.

Think BTS, Justin Beiber etc most of their fans are women

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    because some women like to be sexy and express themselves how they like to

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I don't completely agree with ya but here's an observation: their music is not their only source of income, their image is just as important and, as such, looking good and desirable is profitable for them.

    Plus, these artists do more than just music, they pose to magazines, they get perfumes made in their name, they act in some Hollywood films, they appear in talk shows, and all of that needs visual marketing, they need to sell not only their music but their image. It's not about being sexy for men, it's about being sexy, being attractive, being marketable and therefore being profitable.

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