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How to get a CMA certificate if you have no experience in management accounting?

Suppose a person has graduation degree and works as an accountant or assistant accountant. Now he passes both CMA exams and has experience as accountant/assistant account but not accounts manager or any managerial level. How is he going to get a certification as CMA requires 2 years of work experience in managerial level position?

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  • John
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    2 months ago

    I believe you are confusing the term "management accounting," with "managerial level position."   I would recommend you review the CMA experience requirements more closely, and contact someone if necessary. 

    One can work in management (aka managerial) accounting without being in a supervisory position, and still gain the experience needed for CMA purposes.  Managerial accounting is when one is employed by 1 company, rather than doing work for a number of different clients.  Just performing the normal duties of most managerial accountants would meet the CMA requirements, although they do have an "analysis" standard which must be met as well.  

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