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What qualities make a good man/ideal partner?

What are you looking for to be able to commit for life


Pretty superficial things but maybe that resonates with the frequency of your own soul but whatever. You do you

Update 2:

Love is crazy. If you aren't a little nuts about them it's a room mate situation for life. YUCK

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    I wouldn't get serious about a gentleman who was unable to accept and benefit from direction, instruction. I wouldn't get serious about a gentleman without first satisfying myself that he was of good character: not deceitful or sneaky, nor mean or petty, not cruel, not prideful, not cowardly, not slothful, not greedy, and so on. 

    This doesn't mean I couldn't enjoy dates, even steady dating, with a gentleman I'd never consider getting serious about. One needn't be crazy about a fellow to enjoy seeing a show with him, sharing a meal with him, having a beach day with him. And so on.

    The silly sounding stuff? I wouldn't get physical with a gentleman who neglected basic grooming like trimming toenails, trimming nose hair, who neglected dental care. When I see grodey nails my thought is "He probably neglects other aspects of personal grooming as well" and cringe at the idea of how nasty his private parts probably are. I wouldn't even even kiss a guy with poor hygiene much less want to spend a whole date being near him.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    For me 1 respect to me and others.2 no talking politics or religion 3.

    cleanliness. like showering everyday. 4 teeth bad and rotten teeth is a NO NO.

    I'm from the old School I like older gentleman.I like someone that makes me happy.

    I'm not looking for someone with money. that be my Ideal man.Oh. no smoking or.

    been a drunk. other than that. I be happy.

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