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Can I get tested for the coronavirus even if I don’t have symptoms before I travel at Christmas?

It’s just my son and I traveling so we won’t be at higher risk for spreading it. Not going to visit anybody.  

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    We don't know where you are located.

    In California, anyone can get tested at anytime.  My health department added many extra testing appointments Mon-Tues of this week, so people could test before seeing family on Thursday. 

    If you want to go to a provide lab, places like LabCorp & Quest provide testing for $10.  Some CVSs and Walgreens also do testing- I don't know the cost for these.

    With the private labs you need to make an appointment beforehand.

    For the public tests, people with symptoms might be given priority.

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    Sure, you just have to pay for the tests.  Contact your family doctor and or the county health department and ask them where you can go for testing.  Lots of people have to get tested due to travel or work requirements.  It is just a matter of finding the testing facility and knowing when you need to test to get your results back before you leave. 

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