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Why is it a big deal if Biden committed election fraud, when trump did the SAME THING?

Most people don't want to be ruled by a dictator anyway....

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    Do not forget that Michelle Obama and his husband did the same thing too 

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    The "big deal" is that neither Biden nor his supporter had any hand in election fraud for the very excellent reason that they didn't need to.  The electors of the U.S. long ago decided that there was no way they were going to let that Orange Fraud be in the White House so much as one second longer than absolutely necessary.  

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    They didn't do that... Why are so many of you actually dumb enough to believe the lies that the trump supporters say? Trump lot and there is a ton of lies going around, and if everyone is just going to believe them, then welp. I'm moving to canada. United States isn't supposed to fight over some old weezer's to become President. They are supposed to choose a leader, and move on. No leader will kill us or send us in danger, so whats the point of complaining? You can NOT change the election, so deal with it luv.

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    You are not making any sense...

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    2 months ago

    Russian collusion is a proven hoax.

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