What are the signs at a gym when women are interested in guys? What about when they are not interested  in guys? What about just hatred?

I've seen women in the gyms . Most of them do not talk to me, I've seen some smoke make eye contact and others  give  me dirty looks and others how by me without any eye contact like I'm not there. Also if there are gays it's like that too. I'm not gay but my friend thinks I'm very unattractive  hes theory is if women do not approach you, your  ugly and same  with gay men. He believes the few that smike and dont talk are just being friendly and dont know me. The ones that  look the other way are not attractied to me. The ones giving me dirty looks are the ones who cant stand me maybe from rumors from my many  enemies i  have. My friend said they put me on the dark web, gay sites and spread rumors.  I've seen guys walk by me looking so mad they are shaking. How do you explain that? Women telling me eww, gays telling me eww about 99 percent of the people or nothing happens. Is my  friend right about about everything I just explained here plus my intuitions?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Smiling and approach- flirting by geeting you to start the conversation. Most women are shy. Also just being friendly. The ones walking by with no eye contact- on a mission to workout and / or they are not interested in you. Hatred- why would they hate you if they dont know you? Well signs would be dirty looks, people walking  by with their body shaking. As far as you being ugly, you cant change that, try porn, get a hobby and forget about women and men if your gay or  bi, I'm just saying. If they dont know you and hate you, your enemies might know them, and spreading false things about you and they recognize you and make a mental not eg..( rapist,  molester, thrive,  cheater , and so on). Being put on the dark web , well could open you up  to gangstalkers stalking you. Being put on a gay site,  well the gay men arent as picky  they would be flirting with you if one of them in the gym saw your pics on that site. Remember if you have a penis  and testicles your in the door with gay men, it doesn't  matter how unattractive  you are. I've seen ugly guys together.  They like sucking and getting sex. Women are more about looks, independence,  and occupation, and family values and not so much sex.  If your having trouble with all women, experiment with a guy he can pretend hes a woman just to please you. Remember no drama no bs, no stalking your life will be good. 

  • 2 months ago

    I thought most women just focus on their workouts with their headphones on. 

    Maybe being handsome and having a great body they might look.

    Go there primarily to work out,don't stare ,play it a bit cool,no harm in keeping an eye out.

    Most people, especially women are in their own world at the gym-they don't look at their surroundings. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Some people join gyms to meet others, but some just want to do their work and go. Women have to be careful how “nice” they are in public or perverted guys will take advantage of them. So while you personally might be a nice guy, you have to pay the consequences because other guys won’t be respectful. 

    I’d say branch out from just having the gym be your only pick up spot. Join some clubs, volunteer somewhere, pick a place of worship or two. By joining existing groups you’ll be able to meet a lot of people you otherwise would not have met. And then if you happen to see them later at the gym maybe that can solidify a relationship. Have the gym be one of the ways you meet people but not the only way.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Approach and conversation. 


    Minding their own business. 

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