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Co worker has an issue with me?

There are 2 Indian guys I work with (Rob and Joe) when I am at work they will only talk to me when another girl (Lilly) is not around.

They both flirt with her and I know that Lilly is sleeping with Joe even though she has a boyfriend.

If Rob or Joe are helping me at work Lilly will call their name and tries to get them away from me so I am left to do the work by myself and I need help me so I can finish on time.

Lilly does not like it when Rob or Joe talk to me because I catch her staring at me and then she will blatantly interrupt and give them some other job to do so they can’t talk to me. I catch her staring at me when male customers have been talking to me.

Our Manager is male and Lilly always mentions his name and asks me how many days I’m doing and then brags about how many hours he gives her and tells me about all the times he has talked to her. 

I also wear my hair out a lot at work and now Lilly has started doing the same. 

I recently got another job that I work a few days a week at which Lilly knows and she constantly asks about it and then goes on about her new jobs (which have been different every week so I don’t know if she is lying or not).

Lilly is quite pretty and wears a lot of make up at work. I feel like she has an issue with me but I have only ever been nice to her.

Both Rob and Joe ignore me when she is around and it makes work difficult when they barely talk to me.

What is wrong with her and how do I deal with this? (I am also Caucasian)

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    Lilly sounds insecure and jealous of you. The fact that she mostly seems to act this way towards you when you’re around men means that she probably sees you as some sort of “competition” which is ridiculous. It’s probably because of her own issues and insecurities, which she is projecting onto you. I would say talk to her about it and just continue taking the high road by being kind towards her. There’s no saying how she’ll react to you bringing the issue up though, and with these types of people I’m not sure that there’s anything you can really do. It sounds like she has a lot of personal problems to work out and she needs to become more mature. 

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    Lilly isn't responsible for Rob and Joe's behavior and it doesn't sound like she has actual authority over any of you. Rob and Joe are the ones who ignore you, don't help you when you need it, and let Lilly delegate tasks to them. They are your problem. Confront them directly or go to your manager. Otherwise your complaints about Lilly are inconsequential. She is mildly obnoxious and wants attention, but that should be easy enough to ignore and doesn't impact your work directly. Just be professional and focus on your own job. Your coworkers are not important and should not live rent free in your head.

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