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Christians, is heaven outside of the universe?

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    Of course it is. Heaven is where God is. He obviously existed before the universe existed, since He created the universe. And He will continue to exist after the universe ceases to exist, as all natural things do.

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    Possibly, but the bible mentions that there is a spiritual realm and a physical. We live in the physical, they live in Spiritual. Hell is described to be in the earth, the bible says. But we could never see anyone in earth.Unless we ourselves are no longer living in the physical. Our souls are said to be eternal. Spiritual realm lasts forever. Physical doesnt 

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    Outer space. The physical “heavens” extend through earth’s atmosphere and beyond to the regions of outer space with their stellar bodies, “all the army of the heavens”​—sun, moon, stars, and constellations. (De 4:19; Isa 13:10; 1Co 15:40, 41; Heb 11:12) The first verse of the Bible describes the creation of such starry heavens prior to the development of earth for human habitation. (Ge 1:1) These heavens show forth God’s glory, even as does the expanse of atmosphere, being the work of God’s “fingers.” (Ps 8:3; 19:1-6) The divinely appointed “statutes of the heavens” control all such celestial bodies. Astronomers, despite their modern equipment and advanced mathematical knowledge, are still unable to comprehend these statutes fully. (Job 38:33; Jer 33:25) Their findings, however, confirm the impossibility of man’s placing a measurement upon such heavens or of counting the stellar bodies. (Jer 31:37; 33:2). Yet they are numbered and named by God.​—Ps 147:4; Isa 40:26.

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    The universe is inside of heaven

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    The universe is material. God and heaven are spiritual.  Just because they are not material doesn't mean that they do not exist.

    Many scientists insist that anything that is not material is not real.  However, how could they prove that? And even more significantly, how can you prove that humans know everything that can be known?  It was only about 100 years ago that humans discovered that there are galaxies outside of our own.

    The arrogance of human definitions of what is real and what is not, is both illogical and nonsensical. We are only scratching the surface of what can be known, and we do not have the knowledge or instruments to do much more than theorize and hypothesize.

    Some things that we DO know, we do not do enough to accomplish.  People are starving to death in a world that produces more than enough food for everyone. People are dying from diseases whose cures have been discovered long ago.  And the air, water, and land are being poisoned when there are multiple methods to clean them up, plus we can produce the energy required in many ways without poisoning.

    This is why the God that materialist scientists claim does not exist said that "he will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.". Revelation 11:18

    Just as there is good and bad, and right and wrong, this Almighty God in heaven who created us will hold humans to account for what they have done.

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    Structurally no. If we can interact with it (even if only as a tangential abstraction), then it's a part of our universe.  

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    If something could be outside the universe, how would that be possible and how would anyone know about it?  The Universe is where all things real are located.

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    Since it existed before the creation of the universe, it has to be.

    John QLD AU's avatar --  "Am EX-christian, and have been atheist for years.."

    Nobody cares.

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    Heaven exists in the spiritual domain. It could exist right beside us and we wouldnt know it. 

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    There are heavenS... plural.

    In sacred Scripture, the first heaven is the sky above. The second heaven is what we recognize as outer space. The 'third heaven' that is spoken of by the apostle Paul, is located outside of time and space. 

    God is not trapped in his creation, nor has he ever 'left the room'.

    The 'Kingdom of God' is "at hand"... it is so close you can touch it.

    "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." That exclusive statement by Jesus rules out all man-made efforts to get to God, and therefore, ultimately, heaven.  The way to God is a PERSON, not a religion. 

    "I am the way." 

    "I am the door." 

    "I am the gate." 

    Test these claims Jesus made about Himself. He is the only way into God's Kingdom: Jesus is the one and only real-life PORTAL into this spiritual dimention... a fourth dimention.  His kingdom on earth. The cross is a spiritual 'black hole' for the world's sins, crimes and evil. Any organization that makes the (ridiculous) claim "You need Jesus PLUS US to get to heaven." is not from God. Jesus is all you will ever, ever need. 

    "Come to me all you who are burdened and weary and I will give you rest for your souls. Take My yoke upon you; for My burden is easy, and My yoke is light." 

    Do this and live.. Do it today. Tomorrow may be too late. 

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