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is it okay if a jacket is close fitting?

i'm a male in my 40s who has a big frame, i'm 6ft 1 with a broad chest and i bought a new parka jacket a size xxl, i like it a lot but its not as baggy as i thought, its close fitting on me, here is the jacket i bought......does it matter do you think?

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    2 months ago
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    It looks good! However the most important things are that you can do it up or it's not much use, move freely, and wear another layer under it in case it's not warm enough (forget that last one if it is warm enough).  You don't need baggy, you need something that fits.  If you're used to baggy it can feel exposed to wear fitted even when the fitted fits perfectly iyswim.  That's not a bad thing once you get used to it, you can think of it as a reminder that you too deserve to take up space and be visible out in the world and not have to hide away in a big coat.  But yeah, it looks good.

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    You need to go up one size to XXXL.   Coats that are "close" fitting, will make you feel uncomfortable. 

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