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Let's stir up the pot a lil. -Chill out stoners I'm not talking about that medicine - I'm talking bout the "Political Flu" and conspiracy.?

Look up how many people die every year due to tuberculosis. We've been in that pandemic for years. . But no one had mentioned that **** once. This is mass hypnosis and too many of y'all are letting your wool grow too thick to even realize what the hell is going on. "Its okay.. if we do what we are told then everything is gonna be okay." No it's not gonna be okay. They are brainwashing everyone using social proofing, isolation, bombardment of information that wed never no if it's TRUE or not, and repition(covid this, covid that. BLM blah blah how about No Lives Matter atleast not anymore im of another ethnicity and all i see are white people losing their God damn **** over every little thing that has been said) this isnt okay... Everything cant turn out to be "okay" 100% of the time. This isnt a fairy tail. This is real life. Things were prone to turn sideways eventually. 

The presidential race has been consistent of 2 clowns throwing down when they should have focused on racing in a circuit at a circus instead. 

You know I dont respect either one of them but if you are a person who voted for McSnifferton(whoops I meant the Biden) then obviously you voted for him because of your dislike for Trump. Sure he grabs women in their hoohas and bangs supermodels but atleast they are adult women. (still dont like him) but associating trump with pedophilia just cuz he was in a pic with Jeffery doesnt make him one. I have a pic of me with a fool who murdered someone. so am I a murderer?

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    WTF does this have to do with personal finance?

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