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How many points can I increase in one week for the SAT?

I am taking the Dec 5th test and I have a 1120 from my previous test and I am getting around a 640 on the practice math tests and around a 540 on the Reading. How many points can I improve from doing the khan academy math and writing practice in one week?

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    Probably not many, many none.  Just having taken the test once, you have a better idea of what to expect. That alone can increase your score because you'll waste less time.  

    Improving your score depends on what cause the first score?  Did you take to much time so you were unable to finish all the questions? Were you sloppy? Did you not understand what you were being asked? Did you simply know have any subject matter expertise in some area.

    In math, it is easier to identify an area where you need to improve accuracy or knowledge (what operation to apply to solve the problem).  Reading comprehensive has more to do with vocabulary and critical thinking skills -- neither of which you can learn quickly.  

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