What pant size does Bobby Flay wear?

I read a great article about his dynamic fashion sense. He name dropped some sick brands that I've been all over for the past few months, and I'm getting lots of compliments. Thanks Bobby! I noticed he wears J Crew and J Brand jeans for his "airport look" - dark colors, tidy fits. Nice. I was wondering: does anyone know what size pants Bobby Flay wears? I want to try and match more closely. Thanks everyone! Go Bob by!


PS: My best guess is 34.

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  • 2 months ago

    I think if you take the measurements of thing around kitchen on picture and compare it to waits you can get a scale for how big a section of mr. Flay’s waist is and then extrapolate that to find how big is his waist. 

    Edit: I did a picture so you

    Can see my method. As you can see I #1 took the measure of Mr flay shoe and since that’s an average of about a size 9, that’s 9 inches. Then you copy that arrow that you measured shoe with and use your edit fiction on your phone to bend it with the curve of his waits so you can get the scale. It looks like about probably 4 shoe lengths around his waist, so his waist size is probably around 4x9 (36) inches around or 38 with a belt. 

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    Source(s): I’ve spent a long time guessing celebrity measurements
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