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Why do I dream about my crush every single night, and what do these dreams mean?

In the spring, I had a dream that he was eating dinner with me outside, and my parents, aunt and uncle, and grandparents were there, too. Weird. But after, we kissed in private.

In the summer, I had a nice dream that we were walking through a really huge mall and holding hands.  Now, I've been dreaming about him more frequently, partly because I see him more. Most days I guess I do think about him, but not always. But the dreams aren't really focused on him. He's just there. Briefly sometimes... Like I'll spot him from somewhere, or sometimes he'll come to my house, or sometimes he'll teach me a piano song.. but my last dream was so weird: it was me staring into his face for 10 seconds thinking: "OMG he's so cute." (Cringy, but that was it). He's always just in the background though. What does this mean? Could he not like me as much now? Are my feelings fading or growing stronger? 

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    You daydream about him, what's so strange that you would night dream too.  He obviously has you smitten, but if you really want to know if he feels the same, ask him. 

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