i need  to go from 4 prong twist lock?

twist lock 120/240 gen. plug to a 3 prong .

do i combine the ground n neutral? that does not sound good but it is conduit and grounded but the cables  must be grounded outside the plugs ,right?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    You need to NOT even TRY whatever you think you need to do. Then you need to have someone that knows SQUAT tell you the CORRECT way to accomplish the real goal.

    Note: Spock is ASSuming everything he THINKS he knows about the issue.

  • 2 months ago

    firstly, most of those home 220v generators do not truly supply enough power to run anything that actually needs 220v ... check the existing breakers ... you'll likely find no 220v breaker smaller than 40 amps and it truly doubt your generator can handle that.  As to how you do it ... you connect the ground to the ground for the RV or house [NOT in the old fashioned 3 prong 220v plug] -- which may require a separate cable and I'd use at least #10 wire for it.  {If you have a 'whole house' 220v generator, HIRE the interconnection done by a licensed electrician -- which is what the building code requires.  that is NOT a DIY task.}  -- grampa

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