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do you think i have covid, the flu or a stomach bug? what should i do? ?

yesterday i had a very mild dry cough along with a runny nose and mild body aches. and tonight ive been up all night with a phlegm cough and about a half hour ago i began throwing up gatorade which i was drinking to keep myself hydrated. 

What could this be? Flu?

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    Stop drinking the gatorade it does have electrolytes, but it also has a lot of sugar in it which isn't good for you. Obviously that isn't helping if you're throwing it up. Drink water and lots of it, take some pepto bismal that may help and have some soup, preferably chicken soup. Sounds more like the flu. 

    Look up the symptoms for covid, if they match get your self tested. 

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    You don't have a fever, you just drink regular water.

    Why did you throw up gatorade?  Because you drank too much sugary sweet gatorade = GROSS.

    What disease do you have?  seasonal allergies.  Did you buy the sinus medication?

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