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How do I get this weirdo to leave me alone?

This weird guy keeps trying to talk to me and contact me even though I've already blocked him several times and he keeps making all these accounts to bother me. 


Why do you insist on spamming my question?

Update 2:

Anyways, I'm serious and do need help because this person won't take a hint and keeps trying to talk to me even though I want nothing to do with them. 

Update 3:

Not on here necessarily but through email, they keep bothering me.

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    You have to contact the Yahoo Answers team. Copy and paste their harrassing answers to a seperate folder. When you have a few(or even one). Fill out the harrassment form. I had to do the same with a well known longtime user. This WEASEL stalked me for years until I got all of his soc accounts suspended.

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