what should be done about david icke and all his followers?

in my opinion they are trying to stir up civil unrest in britain, because of david icke's insane ramblings, i am convinced icke wants anarchy in this country, for the government and democracy to be overthrown....i think something should be done about david icke and his followers, they should be banned or something, because ickes movement seems to be growing fast, and in my opinion once again, he is a threat to britain and democracy.

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    2 months ago
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    Icke is a professional conspiracy theorist who depends on making outlandish claims for his income. Claiming members of the Royal Family are shape-shifting reptiles is harmless but by spreading anti-mask and anti-vaccine propaganda he is a threat to public health. Sites like his should be taken down.

  • 2 months ago

    Icke has been spewing his nonsense for decades, and no his 'movement' is not growing fast.  There have always been conspiracy nut jobs, and there have always been idiots who believe them.  And there always will be.

    Idiots believe conspiracy theories because a) they're an easy explanation, even if they involve complex details, and b) because everyone likes to think they know something everyone else doesn't.  Even if the thing is completely outrageous, idiots are happy thinking they know the 'real' story behind all the unknowns that exist in reality.

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