How to get a stuck in pin of thermal valve?

Hello we have central heating in our apartment building and one of my radiators has a thermal valve with a stuck in pin. I cannot get it out by any means. It is an old valve. I tried glueing the pin and pulling, I tried banging on the part, but with no success.

Look at the attached image for reference. Any way you can recommend?


Edit 1: Thanks for the 2 answers. Apartment is mine so there is no maintenance that can fix that. I think that if I call someone its inevitable that they will want to drain the whole system. Thats 9 stories times 4 apartments.

I will try WD 40 I suppose and hope that it will be enough.

Update 2:


Fixed the issue with a heat gun raising the temperature of the valve, hammering the pin gently to loosen and get it out a bit and then pulled on it a bit more.

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  • 2 months ago
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    Put some newspaper under it, squirt some WD 40 on it. Tap it firmly using a hammer with a piece of wood directly on it so as not to burr. If it doesn't spring back out, report it to your apartment's maintenance people. I've watched someone change the valve by putting a freezing collar around that thing so that the water doesn't need to be drained. It isn't necessarily a huge job.

  • 2 months ago

    maintenance needs to do this -- it's their building.  your job is to report the need.  -- grampa

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