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Why did he laugh so much?

The guy I have a crush on was behind me on the bus. He doesn't know that I like him aand we actually have never really talked. Anyway, I was talking with my best friend and I didn't know he was behind us on the bus. My friend told me about a girl we both know who had had a baby with a guy who is twice her height and is kind of, big and bulky giant. When she tolf me I was shocked, cause the girl is kind of small and shorter than him and I told her 'how is that on earth possible? He might have choked her with his height, I mean, how could he stay on top of her without stopping her breathing?' My friend said it had nothing to do with it, that they could have done it no matter his height or weight and the guy I liked well, he started laughing so much and shook his head, trying not to burst out laughing and controlling himself. I turned and saw him and blushed and felt awkward because he heard me, and before he stepped out at his stop he kept smiling trying to stop it while waiting for the bus to stop. Did I said really some stupid things? Cause to me it seems kind of unrealistic that the two made a baby since he is so heavy and tall while she is so short compared to him

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    2 months ago

    You said nothing wrong.

    He seems like a jerk to tell the truth.

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