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What are some of the cheapest and easiest businesses to start?

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    There is a list of them on the Excellence-Success site.  Copy that list.

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    Cleaning up dog poop.  You need a plastic scooper and a trash bag.

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    Grass cutting service. Far less downside than most. In the winter, maybe snowblowing depending on where you live. Both involve getting out & finding customers.

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    I doubt you'd want a cheap and easy business to start. They're typically unprofitable ventures. You may not lose heaps of savings, but you will expend an inordinate amount of time trying to make a success out of it.

    However since you asked for cheap easy businesses to start: Any of the multi-level marketing businesses fit that category, but are sadly a true waste of time.

    You could begin a lawn-mowing business or franchise, but the competition is fierce and it still requires machinery to get started.

    A window cleaning business can be very lucrative. You need to do a fantastic job, know what you're doing and be quick about it.

    An amazing benefit is that the start up costs are tiny.

    A big downside is that it's so incredibly repetitive.

    Data entry may be good if you're a fast and accurate typist. The work is boring, but you can do it from home and simply transfer the "secure" data file to and from your customer.

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    Raising crickets for zoo's and pet owners/stores.

    Raising mushrooms. 

    Basalt rocks sold as massage stones (you only find those around the great lakes region thanks to the glaciers, or in Arizona).

    Pet portraits. 

    Check out pinterest. 

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