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Germany has the Scorpions, Holland has Golden Earing, England has every band, what has France?

Nobody comes to mind when you think of French bands. It's just a has-been country of Muslims and sissies.

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    Hmm...I'm a huge fan of many bands from France. Several of these bands were/are also quite popular on the European continent as a whole.

    Pulsar, Oberkampf, AIR, Ocean, Atoll, Trust, Stinky Toys, Zao, Les Wampas, Moving Gelatine Plates, Daft Punk, Alpha Ralpha, Dogs, Clearlight, X Ray Pop, Gong, Shylock, Noir Desir, Ange, Magma, Orchestre Rouge, Heldon, Bijou, Wapassou, etc.

    You need to remove your blinders and expand your musical knowledge.

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    Trust is France's best Rock band (since 1977)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Projecting again? Anons are the sissies

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    When most people think of German Music they are more likely to think of Can, Kraftwerk, Neu!, Faust and Tangerine Dream, genuinely innovative and progressive artist's not Dad Rock like The Scorpions.

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    Mostly sissies.        

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