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why was The Who´s aggressive thunderous sound far closer to Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin than their own contemporary the Beatles?


I love the Who Purple Zeppelin stuffs more than the Beatles

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    Because they pioneered heavy rock along with Jimi Hendrix that was later picked up by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.  Pop Music didn't start and end with The Beatles, as much as I love they them, they owe a huge debt to contemporaries like Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Carl Perkins, The Beach Boys, The Kinks and The Who.

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    All of the previous answers.

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    Mostly because The Who in their early days were fans of "California" or "surf" music, which really stretched the limits of what could be done with amplifiers & double drum kits.  The Beatles were originally a "skiffle" group & fans of more melodic stuff like Buddy Holly & The Everly Bros.  That's so of really all of the Liverpool bands of the early '60's.  

    However, anyone who thinks McCartney couldn't do "screamers" obviously never heard the Beatles' versions of "Long Tall Sally" or "I'm Down" or "Oh, Darling."  The first time I saw Led Zeppelin (on P.B.S. television in late August or early Sep. '68), the 1st song they did was "Long Tall Sally."  I remember thinking that Page was pretty decent, but was no McCartney.  

    Maybe it's the difference of a couple of years of age, but I like the harmonies & that more than one person sang - as with The Beatles or The Hollies.  I felt the eternal vocal sameness of The Rolling Stones, Animals, Who, Kinks, Yardbirds, etc. was a major detriment for them.  

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    It's really the other way around---why did Zeppelin and Deep Purple sound more like the Who than like the Beatles?  [FWIW, the very early Purple did a cover of "Help," and McCartney said he wrote "Helter Skelter" to prove the Beatles could rock like the Who.]  Plant and, later, Jesus were screamers, more like Daltry than McCartney, and neither Zep nor Purple went in for the sort of vocal harmonies the Beatles used a lot. 

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    The Who has a great drummer who has his own aggressive style. Ringo Starr of the Beatles is not as aggressive and is more conventional in his drumming. In fact, after Moon died, the Who' replacement was not able to play the same way and that made the Who sound too dull and they then broke up.  Led Zeppelin broke up after their drummer died because they did not want to go through what the Who went through with a conventional drummer. 

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    They were pioneers of hard rock and bombastic performance.

    Pete Townshend used to smash his guitar on stage as early as September 1964 and Keith Moon blew up his drum set with the explosives in 1967.

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