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Can you arrange what order links about you post on your google search?

I'm an adult with a job and have several social media accounts. However, when you google me, the top first link on the page is my (very ugly) headshot when I was 18 years old from the swim team at my college. It's a very ugly photo of me and the first image that pops up on Google Search. Is there a way to make that NOT the top link from a google search. I understand you can't delete it, but why is it still first when you google me? That is almost a decade old photo and link. My job is no where listed on any google page and neither are my social media accounts. Just my swimming history. 

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  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    Create a ton of pages about you and upload a bazillion photos showing the most handsome version of yourself then let Google discover them automatically.

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