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Period cramps 10 days after period started?

Hello, I just wanted to ask this to make sure theres no problem. Im 22 and 111 lbs. My period usually lasts for 3 days and I get uncomfortable cramps on the first 2 days. 10 days after my period started I noticed I had dull cramps. They only lasted for a day though, but I don't remember having them before. They were in the very lower middle of my abdomen and went away the next day. 

I don't remember having that before, is that a problem? I believe I started ovulating that day, I heard ovulation cramps are a thing but are only one sided and mine was in the middle. 

If anyone has any input id really appreciate it!

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    It's very likely to be ovulation pain. Our bodies are all different so it may not be one sided for you (it's also possible to release two eggs - one from each ovary). 

    If this becomes a pattern or you are concerned, definitely talk to your doctor. 

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