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how do i get my kitten to stop meowing at my door at night? ?

when i shut the door she comes meowing and clawing at the door and it’s annoying. i dont want her in the bedroom because she wont let me sleep. what should i do? should i put the kitten in the basement?

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    My cat used to do this, not allowing me to go to sleep and even waking me up when she decided she wanted to be fed at like 4am in the morning........ never had it with any other cat I owned so they were always allowed to sleep in the along with her litter tray, soft comfy bed, food and water I shut her in the utility room and she settled down and that to this day is where she sleeps

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    My cat used to do this. Don't let her in, because then she learns she'll get what she wants if she keeps scratching. I stopped my cat by opening the door to push her away, and after a few nights of this she stopped.

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    Let her in and teach her to shut up and stay still.  Hold her still in bed with you and say shhhhh!  Purr in her side and shhhh.  After a few days, she should get the hang of what bedtime means.

    Source(s): Has owned cats for decades.
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    Feed her a very full meal at bedtime. You may need to allow her in the bedroom because she sees you as her family. If you put her in the basement, you will cause more problems. You may either need to get another cat as a companion for her, or rehome her through an animal rescue league. Cats like to be with their people.

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