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Tips to manage my anxiety for upcoming endoscopy ?

My mom has an urgent endoscopy tomorrow cause she’s been having sharp pains in her breast bone, a constant cough, and bad acid reflux. 

I’m scared it’s cancer. I literally cannot calm down since esophagus cancer survival rate is under 18%. I always think the worst. I’m having really bad anxiety 


I’m not making it all about me. I have huge anxiety because I love my mom and I don’t want her to have anything bad. I have a hard time handling my anxiety and I haven’t been able to sleep at all. But thanks for your opinion 

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    Sorry to hear that. I was prescribed Xanax after having a panic attack, and just knowing that the pills were there to calm me if I need them has helped

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    So you're making your mother's endoscope procedure all about YOU?  Really?  OMG.

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    Actually no need for a endoscope

    Tell her to take esomeprazole 40mg morning

    and night and the breast bone pain and acid

    reflux will go away

    Then after one week take 20mg dose at night only

    Really useless doctors we have these days

    who want to make money from endoscopy procedure

    Now relax, cause endoscopy is a painless procedure

    they knock the patient out for about one hour with a injection

    of a sedative in the palm of the hand via a canola

    and its all done

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    An Upper Endoscopy is not to be feared. I have a history of stomach cancer, and I have survived two stomach-cancer operations. I have had about 6-8 endoscopies, so I can assure you that is no threat from the procedure. Here is how an endoscopy goes down: You go into a section of a hospital or clinic room and go through a series of questions about your health. You will probably have to wear a hospital gown. Your hospital bed with you will be rolled into the room where the endoscopy will be performed. After general talk, a mouthpiece will be placed in your mouth with an opening for the endoscopy cable to be threaded into your mouth and esophagus. You will be given a substance to move around in your throat to numb the area so you do not gag. You will be placed on your left side that provides the greatest area of your digestive tract.  An anesthesiologist will connect terminals on your chest to monitor your condition and apply the substance to put you to sleep after waiting about 10 minutes or less until you fall asleep. The actual procedures takes about 20-25 minutes as your esophagus and stomach and part of your small intestine are viewed on the TV cameras for the Gastroenterologist who performs the procedure. In a short time, you awake, and you are returned to the room for 30 minutes for the effect to wear-off, then you go home. If there is some area in your digestive tract the doctor wants to investigate further, you can expect results in a few days. That's it!

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