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If a 31 year old man with diabetes type 2 and weighs 400 pounds, tested positive for COVID 2 days ago ?

And had symptoms for 6 days so far, and just got a pneumonia diagnosis by televisit

 while still having covid, are the chances less likely for him ending up in the hospital at this point?


First answerer: do you mean his chances of living are poor? This man is still at home, but we’re keeping an extra eye on him. 

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    MORBIDLY OBESE has additional issues like diabetes and PNEUMONIA.

    He can survive or just go in a few days if things go bad for him.

    Obesity greatly increases risk of chronic disease morbidity—and mortality.

    EVERYONE in the house should be doing what they can not to get the virus themselves.

    ASK YOUR DOCTOR about the value of supplemental  Oxygen for at home.

    Viruses DO NOT affect everyone identically. The way it is.

     PNEUMONIA. is more than enough to deal with at this time for someone with the stated conditions.

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    Which piece of information do you think makes him LESS likely to go to the hospital? Has he actually seen a doctor? He has several of the complicating factors for COVID. What the doctor say on the televisit? Is he feeling a lot of pressure on his chest? If it becomes hard for him to breath, he needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible. 

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    2 months ago

    his chances are poor . 

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