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Two great finishes by Cavani but they're still no where to be seen near the top of the table ?

In fact, I had to count all the way down 8 spots in the league table just to FIND Man United LOL

Who even cares about them any more.

Come and take our title from us @ Rest of EPL ! ^_^

6 Times Champions Of Europe <(_)> <(_)> <(_)> <(_)> <(_)> <(_)>Champions of EnglandYNWA

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    nope but the gits did catch up i suppose,

    on a somewhat more serious not, you will of heard the reports after the game of Cavani posting on social media some alleged racist remark,  actually this is bs   he used the term negrito,  which basically translates to litte or young black guy,  negro   or if that was censored "n*e*g*r*o"   which in spanish means "black"   ie the colour is seemingly banned on almost any social media platform, that being the case isn't it a total hypocrisy, that they don't also ban the English word "black"?

    what someone uses in their vocabulary, doesn't prove whether they are racist..but i'll tell you what really is racist these people chanting hatred songs on the grounds of "free speach"........yeah sry to drift of topic, but this was pizzing me off...


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    Guys is wasted at that shithole.

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