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Do cats eat squirrels?

I sometimes see dead bird, mole and a part of mouse at a same place in my yard. I understand cats did and heard cats hunt and eat.

I often see cats trying to hunt squirrels. I have never seen them succeed, cats eat squirrels, also, after hunting? 

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    2 months ago

    I have had cats catch all kinds of things, but never squirrels.

    My well fed cat will attempt to eat the stuff she kills. I don't know why, she borders on overweight.

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    If they can catch them. My cats often catch (and eat) small rodents, like mice or voles, but they've never caught anything bigger. I've seen them try, but it would have to be a very skilled cat to catch something as big and fast as a squirrel.

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    2 months ago

    One of my cats liked rabbit blood.

    he would take a live rabbit, hold it down, bite the leg. then sit until sated licking the flowing blood, the Rabbit was alive squealing.

    I would presume that cats will hunt for fun anything that moves,  I have never seen any actually EAT the capture/kill. I think most of the time the kill was by accident. Once the creature stops moving they lose interest.   A well fed cat has no need to eat anything else.

    I did have one cat (my last) who developed a taste for canned rabbit (very expensive) but she was dying of kidney failure.

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