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Should I be worried about my period stopping Sometimes when I do something that's like exercise?

so this has been happening for a while now my period lasts 7 days and is on clockwork most of the time sometimes I'm a day or two late, but when do anything even light exercise such as walking for 30 minutes or just cleaning the house my period will become light or be gone for 1-3  days depending on how vigorous my exercise or daily physical tasks that I have to do. I am 21 and also a little overweight I am trying to get healthier but I'm scared to exercise much on my period or a few days before it. 

Most of the time when I am on my period I just do very little around the house for cleaning and just sit down and watch tv or read and my period is just fine like normal. 


The reason why I am scared is that I've had something happen to me at a young age and the doctor told my mother there is a chance that somehow it can affect my ability to have children. I don't want to go to the doctor if it's just nothing and it's normal for that to happen. If many of you say it isn't then I will go see a doctor. Thank you :)

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    My guess--I'm not a medical professional--is that when you exercise, more of the uterine lining that's being shed falls to the bottom of the uterus, blocking the exit for a while. After lying down overnight for two or three nights, gravity moves it, the opening to the cervix clears, and your period restarts, the remaining blood and tissue able to get out.

    If this is your only unusual symptom, it's worth mentioning to your doctor when you get your annual pap smear, but I wouldn't bother going in just for this.

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    Exercise often will slow periods down or make them lighter. From what you shared I don't think it's anything major. But if you're worried talk to your doctor, they'd love to help!

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