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Is there such thing as black ops? Like you see on movies. People that are figuratively ghost? Or is that just a Hollywood story line. ?

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    So, special forces and espionage are 100% real thing, but those aren't necessarily 'black ops'.  A black op is an operation where the government will disavow all knowledge of an action.  In other words, it's not just classified, but if you get caught, there will be no 'trade' of spies or other action to get you out.  The idea is to make it so the operation cannot be attributed to the government that undertook it.

    So are they real?  Yes.  They are.  In fact, some have gone public (because govt tends to suck at keeping secrets - a fact to keep in mind when entertaining outlandish conspiracy theories).  Now, how common are they?  Probably pretty rare.  Most covert operations are covert, but not black ops.  They put an inordinate burden on the people carrying them out.  It's hard enough to be a SF operator going behind enemy lines and such, but black ops implies that you will get NO SUPPORT if the op goes sideways.  No sane person would agree to do that on a regular basis.  And the risk of such people feeling abandoned and therefore spilling the beans would be high.

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    Black ops is a military group like special forces.

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