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Is anyone else dealing with COVID anxiety? How do you cope with it. ?

Unfortunately, I live in Louisiana. Full of conservatives like myself, however, I believe in science and I do social distance and wear a mask. Many people down here, do not. They look at you like you’re mental. 

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    Is this the anxiety you have around covid?

    Mine is not really about mask wearing.  I'm pretty good with my own skin and don't mind beating to a different drum.  I have no problem following the I protect me and if you want to be risky it doesn't matter because i protect me.

    These are the things I worry about:

    - We have rushed together vaccines that are made like no other vaccine ever invented.  They change our genetic make-up.  We have no idea what kind of long term impact this will have and how long it takes to see the impact - 20 years, 40 years etc.  it's not a "new" concept but it's the first time ever used in reality.

    - We have vaccines that require very strict handling requirements.  No one has tested the impact of spoiled vials that are administered. 

    - The long term impact on the elderly in isolation.  The children not in school and significantly under achieving.  People not getting standard preventative treatment because they are scared.  Food insecurity, financial insecurity, etc.

    I could list more but I know my already list gave you too much extra to worry about. 

    Back to the vaccine = all these unknowns and I think it's stupid to even consider a vaccine at this point.  We have treatment that is quickly catching up.  For some unknown reason, the media did not makes all all aware that there were 2 outpatient drug treatments that were given emergency authorization last week.  We have others treatment including existing corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories, and anti-virals that are significantly reducing illness progression.

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    2 months ago

    I'm in Texas, so I can totally identify. Though most here do wear masks, too many ppl wear it UNDER the nose, which is useless as 90% of virus expulsion comes from the nose. (That's why the test is via nasal swab, not a throat swab.) I used to teach an infection control class, so I know a thing or two about transmission. And frankly, I'm really worried & dreading the next 2 months. I think we're gonna see numbers that make the first spike look like an amateur rehearsal. I fear Biden's words about a "long dark winter" are going to become chillingly realistic.

    Back in January, I was discussing the pandemic with a group and predicted we could have 100 million cases & 10 mil dead-- they laughed & called me paranoid. Right now, we're at 60 mil cases worldwide and 2 million dead. God, I hate being right all the time... especially in this case.

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    2 months ago

    Realize it's a bunch of bs to control us, I have come to this conclusion through my own experience and observations

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