what order should you watch Mobile Suit Gundam?

I'm talking chronologically. I know it's been around since 1979, but similar to the fate stay series it didn't necessarily come out in order. I'm watching Iron Blooded Orphans now, but I have a feeling I should have waited as they mention a 300 year old war called the calamity wars. BTW I'm curious about anything with Gundam in the name...though I hear there are some kinda infamously bad/boring "seasons" for lack of a better word. 


Steve, I suppose you're right, but similar to the fate stay series each site has a slightly different order. as for enjoying older shows, I actually do. Saint Saiya was pretty cool. I also like Super Sentai, Voltron, Astro boy, Scooby Doo, etc. I just heard there's a couple kinda lame story arches and some childish ones directed towards children. Gundam can be pretty brutal so I've heard

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  • 2 months ago
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    The Gundam series has many alternate universes, and Iron Blooded Orphans takes place in its own universe. From what I can tell there's nothing as of yet that shows the calamity wars and the only thing its mentioned in is Iron Blooded Orphans. Anyway probably half of all Gundam stuff takes place in the original universe where the first series is from, and you can find chronology for that universe just by googling Gundam watching order. Years ago I watched a couple dozen episodes of the original series and really enjoyed it, but your milage may very if you can't handle shows from 40 years ago. 

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