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Wine bottles shape?

Why do wine bottles have a cone shape in the bottom?

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    That's generally in bottles for champagne or sparkling wines.

    I believe it both helps show the sediment during the final fermentation in the bottle that creates the "fizz", and strengthens the bottle to help contain the gas pressure.


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    If you copy/paste your question into Google you will get a proper answer.

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    It's called a "punt" and if you ask a dozen people why it is there, you will get 13 different answers. High on the list ar: strengthening the bottle, making it look as if the bottle holds more wine than it does, and corralling the sediment.

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    2 months ago

    As Robert said.

    It's sparkling wine bottles that are like that. It's a stronger shape than a flat bottom and any sediment left in the wine settles into the lowest part.

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