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Why do these men in dresses keep hijacking feminism?

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    "Why do these men in dresses keep hijacking feminism?"

    If you're referring to trans women, or male-women, then the answer is simple.  Because modern feminism has become cultural Marxism (critical theory).  And the glbt movement has a higher order for "victim status" than women do now, under that ideology.  

    Sorry if you're a woman's advocate, but your time ended when feminism was swallowed up into cultural Marxism through "intersectionality".  The road to héll is often paved with good intentions.  Classic feminism (original women's advocacy for equal Rights) led to 2nd wave radical feminism with its radical "patriarchy" and gender theories.  That led to "intersectional" feminism which open it up to what it is today.  Part of the "locked arms" critical theory groups that all follow the same script.  Minority races, and glbt are deemed far more "oppressed" than women are.  And any "feminist" who doesn't go along with this current order will be cancelled and denigrated as a hater and a transphobe.


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    Feminism is not just about women, it is about society, which involves men. There is no feminist reform unless men also change too. 

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