How to deal with inbred children?

There is an inbred in my wife's extended family.  His daddy is his uncle. His mom claims she was raped by him however, the circumstantial evidence surrounding that claim suggests that's not how it happened. 

He is now 4 years old, and he is in the custody of my mother in law because his mom is a raging irresponsible *****. He is also very undisciplined and out of control, and I have doubts that he even knows the difference between right and wrong.  His vocabulary only consists of two words, and he mostly communicates by shrieking, bellowing, and hitting himself in the head. 

Other behaviors by him include ones that you would expect a baby who just learned how to walk to do, except he is faster, stronger, and more mobile while going about them. He is unsanitary. He is violent. He is loud. And he is under the care of a caretaker who is VERY stupid with only an 8th grade education and English as a second language.

I know some of you would just be like "oh he has autism" or "He's special ed" and yes, he is in special ed preschool (online, and he never cooperates), but I've worked with special ed kids before and I've never seen an animal like this one!!!

Are there any books or resources for dealing with or raising these types of children? Because he is becoming more and more out of control by the day. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    This child does not need books, he needs active intervention which starts with an expert diagnosis.  May already be too late.  A child that cannot sit still and pay attention at the age of two, is 70% more likely to be in prison at the age of 21.  Self control needs to be learnt very early.

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