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Sudden Extreme Anxiety?

It happened fast and suddenly, one night in middle September. It started as a sharp pain, then grew into an unbearable throbbing in my chest. My breath picked up, my mind started swimming in a sea of troubles and there was one thought that has plagued me since then. Something I hadn't been scared of before: Death. Suddenly, even though I had argued against the fear of death before, I found myself afraid. Where I had comforted my sister who had been broken by this fear, I now required the comforting. It crippled me, the fear kept me from both school and work, it was so bad. Even today, two months later, having pulled myself out of that agony, I still feel great sadness at the thought, but it comes without my desiring it like I'm obsessed and I can't stop. I try to breath steadily and comfort myself, but the sadness pulls through my efforts anyway. It's not the fear of dying, it's the unacceptable thought of being taken from my loved ones. My beloved husband tells me that it's okay, that me and him will be together after it all ends. He's so sure, so confident and so...bright. He holds no fear - he's as strong as I wish I was. The more he's like that, the more he makes me love him and the more I love him the more I realize it will hurt when he goes or when I go. I just want the anxiety to go away, I just want to believe in what he says. It would help me a lot if you guys could share your opinions? Is there any hope/proof that I can be with him after death?

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