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Americans  - Do you have this card game that we have here in GB...?

..called Trumps. Yes, really I'm not joking it was a game I used to play quite a lot when I was a boy and when I was a young man [I'm over 60 now and have not played cards for many years]. It has nothing, of course, to do with you-know-who.

Basically, each player was dealt 7 cards, and the top card of the remainder of the pack was turned over, and the suit of the pack were the trumps. The first person laid a card, and the next person would lay a card, following suit and the person who laid the highest card  [Ace -high]wins the 'trick'. If a player is unable to follow suit he/she can lay a trump card, which wins the trick unless another player lays a higher trump card. When all seven cards are played the player with the most tricks wins the round. The game is then repeated, but with only 6 cards, and from the second round onwards, any player who fails to get at least one trick is out of the game. Repeated with one fewer card until just one player remains.


There are also variations on the game including one for 4 players in which all 52 cards are dealt [with the trumps decided by cutting the pack before dealing]. This itself has two forms, individual and partners. In the later the players sitting opposite each other play to get tricks between them, but may not see each other's cards, so this requires more skill. 

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