Which is the best college for MBA in Bangalore based on placement?

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  • 2 months ago

    MBAs & other business degrees are a major glut on most markets. Even if a school gets quite a few listings for placements, your chances of getting a job are poor as there typically are very few listings compared to the number of grads. Employers want proven performers - 3-5 yrs of post-bachelor's experience in progressively more responsible positions with employer recommendations as prospective managerial-executive level talent prior to going for MBA. You should expect to need superior grades at top-rated schools AND excellent on-job performance to have much chance of an internship or entry-level job upon earning MBA.

  • 2 months ago

    Regional College of Management Bangalore is one of the best places to do your MBA. After IIM Bangalore, Regional College of Management Bangalore ranks number two in one of the best places to do a management course. The placement at Regional College of Management Bangalore is excellent as everyone in the batch will get placed by the time they graduate. The approach that Regional College of Management Bangalore takes about their placement is incredible. They have a complete division set up to help students get placed from finding the right job for you to make sure that you aren't getting undervalued or underpaid. They start to prepare you from day one of your course. They incorporate many workshops where some of the college's best faculty come and talk to us about how the corporate world is. They enlighten us with their experiences of how they faced challenges working at a top-level. They give us tips and strategies on approaching the corporate world with the challenges that come with it. They also have an excellent exchange program incorporated into their MBA where you do one year of the course in Bangalore, and the next year, you have an option between a few countries where Regional College of Management Bangalore has a tie-up with their university. You can complete the rest of your course. This gives an excellent opportunity for students who want to study and work out of the country. The college has one of the best infrastructures I have seen. As Regional College of Management Bangalore is on the city's outskirts, it gave the opportunity to build the way the founders envisioned the college. The campus is beautiful with gardens and trees and is very spacious. There are days when we have an outdoor class, which highlights the day to inhale some fresh air. They have state of the art libraries with books from the past and books in the present. If not hard copies are available, you can take digital copies of the books. The campus has a perfect canteen which serves both veg and non-veg food, the kitchen is very hygienic and clean all the time. The college has one of the best hostels that I have seen, with spacious rooms which get cleaned regularly. Besides the regular academics, Regional College of Management Bangalore has significant student-run initiatives that help everyone have some fun. They come into categories like the finances club, fitness club, sports club, arts, and cultural club Marketing Club Hr club. They have various festivals every semester where they can participate and gain some experience.

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