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10 games into the 2020-21 EPL Campaign and the Blades find themselves winless ?

longer it goes on the harder its going to get.  I wonder what the bookies are paying out if you predict correctly in which fixture they'll register their first win of the season ?

Lets just take a look at Sheffield United's next 6 EPL fixtures:

6th December

v Leicester City (H)

13th December

v Southampton (A)

17th December

v Manchester United (H)

20th December

v Brighton and Hove Albion (A)

26th December

v Everton (H)

29th December

v Burnley (A)

surely in their remaining 2020 fixtures  They must pick up at LEAST a couple of points ??


unlucky SFC Martin

At 2-0 I was rooting for you guys to beat the sc#m lol

Cavani though, world class.  When you got that quality up front you're going to hurt oponents as you guys found out.  Great headers though by Cavani though.  As I said, unlucky.  Classic Manure result, they some how managed to come from behind and win. Annoying.

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  • hmm Wylder keeps talking them up,  but they really have been falling far short,  of what they were doing last season, they don't seem to have that dynamic element in the team anymore,  @SFC MArtin,  says, i don't know about should but if they don't the reality of the seriousness of their prediciment should really strike a cord, they are better than Burnley play better football, but that's not saying much right now,  remember those daft predictions last season about how far off the pace they would be?, they don't look so daft right now..


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    Tough titti. Leeds are still Yorkshire's No.1 

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    Away at Burnley they should get something

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