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do I need to do the isolating colonies method or can I just swab normally?

So I know what the bacteria Im using it, all I need to do is to do dilutions.

 I will have a plate with too many e.coli colonies so my teacher told me that I will need to pick up 10ul of solution from my liquid of e.coli + nutrient broth then dilute it into water. Pick out 10ul of the diluted solution and plate it to see how many colonies grow. What is the point of isolating them, I need to just count the number of colonies. If theres a massive clump at one angle and then jsut 2/3 on the last swab when doing this isolating method method on the plate, how will I count the colonies, I am very confused.... Cant I just to my normal quadrant method in which I turn the agar dish 90 degrees to swab on a new surface 

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