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Is it normal to fear marriage fight when you are ....?

Getting married . I’m so scared that this is going to be hard and have all sorts of fears . I don’t know why . We are stable and love each other . 


Don’t think you guys understand. I’ve been with this person for quite some time .

Doesn’t matter , I’m still scared . 

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    The trouble begins when we allow these fears to have too much power over us. Say, “Lord, I’m afraid of _________ and I give that fear to you.”Take your fears to God. He’ll remove them. In their place, He’ll fill you with love, power, and a sound mind. Your relation will never be the same.

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    Well, yes, it IS going to be hard. Getting married is easy, but staying married is WORK. Seriously, even if you’ve been together for years, it still takes hard work to continue to make it work. This is especially true if you decide to have children. You find yourself dealing with stresses and worries you didn’t anticipate or prepare for, and yeah, that’s hard. You find yourself irritated over things you didn’t know were going to be issues, or that didn’t irritate you before, but after dealing with it for years (maybe expecting it to change), now it makes you crazy.

    Now, I’m not saying that it’s always hard, all the time. If it was, nobody would ever choose to get married or stay married. But there are times in any long term relationship where you question why you are doing it or if it’s really worth it. For me, the bottom line question is always am I better off with him than I would be without him? And so far, every time it’s gotten rough, the answer to that question has always been that yes, I would still rather be with him and have him facing those struggles with me than face it alone. We’ve been married for over twenty years at this point and were together for four years before we got married.

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    I wouldn't really advise getting married, and if you do, be extremely careful. You are committing yourself to something that may change and it is entirely out of your control. The person you divorce is not the person you marry. That's why I believe in being life long partners without the government's involvement. 

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    This just another reason to never rush into marriage. A long engagement usually helps to see the true person that you plan to marry.

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