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Is the house of Bourbon actually a cadet house of another greater royal family ?

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    the House of Capet.


    "The Capetian dynasty (/kəˈpiːʃən/), also known as the House of France, is a dynasty of Frankish origin, and a branch of the Robertians. It is among the largest and oldest royal houses in Europe and the world, and consists of Hugh Capet, the founder of the dynasty, and his male-line descendants, who ruled in France without interruption from 987 to 1792, and again from 1814 to 1848. The senior line ruled in France as the House of Capet from the election of Hugh Capet in 987 until the death of Charles IV in 1328. That line was succeeded by cadet branches, the Houses of Valois and then Bourbon, which ruled without interruption until the French Revolution abolished the monarchy in 1792. The Bourbons were restored in 1814 in the aftermath of Napoleon's defeat, but had to vacate the throne again in 1830 in favor of the last Capetian monarch of France, Louis Philippe I, "

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    The founder of Bourbon was Robert, Count of Clermont, the sixth son of King Louis IX of France.

    "Founder Robert, Count of Clermont, the sixth son of King Louis IX of France, married Beatrix of Bourbon". .

    King Louis IX of France was from house of Capet.

    "House Capet". .

    So not a different royal family.

    Same royal family setting up new puppet branches.

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    That is the term for it yes. Up until 1589 it was the family name of the Duke of Navarre a small kingdom in southwestern France.  I will not even attempt to go through the complexities of how Henry of Navarre became King of France.

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