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Tips on howto potty train a neglected Shih Tzu?

I recently was given a 5 month Shih Tzu, but there’s a string attached! The puppy isn’t house trained nor does he care to go outside to use the bathroom. He’ll wake up and just go in the crate. This is due to his previous owners just leaving him and allowing him to sit in his poop and pee.  He also doesn’t scratch or whine to let me know he has to go to the bathroom.  This is also due to him not getting what he wants when he used to whine.  I took him to the vet, and they say he’s fine.  Any tips on housetraining a dirty pup?

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    Same as you would toilet train any new pup...... after eating, after playing, after waking and sometime in between take the pup outside and stand silently and wait until it 'goes' then say a command word like 'clean' so the pup starts to learn  it is a positive thing.,,,,exercise like lead walking encourages movement of the bowel/bladder......... in so far as cleaning the crate, clean up while the pup is not there and don't use things like bleach as it replicates  the smell of another dogs pee because of the amonia in it, use 50/50 while vinegar/water to nutralise the smell of it for the dog...and try not to get stress/angry/frustrated as it is only doing what it was wrongly taught and your stress/anger/frustration will make the dog more anxious and the issue worse

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    He's not dirty he just doesn't know where he is supposed to go. Your job is to show him where you want him to pee. That will mean spending lots of time outside waiting for him to go and praising him for it when he does. There are also lots of video's on Youtube demonstrating how to train a puppy quickly. People often seem like they don't think it is going to take any effort. 

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