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Mental health question, how long does it usually last?

I came home happy from an appointment with my doctor. I am 29 and was told my mental disorder is in remission. My question is, and he didn't know what to respond, how long does it usually last? [The remission]. I think he didn't tell me because it's for short. I am certainly happy, and wanna be happier. Thanks all. 

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    If you're in any kind of remission, that hopefully means you've done everything you possibly can to get to this point and know many of the triggers that make you unwell. So avoid the triggers as best as you can and keep moving forward. Do things you enjoy and do whatever exercises, techniques, and take whatever meds your doctor prescribed and keep up with it. If you feel something off or feel an episode coming on, alert your family, partner, doctor, whomever, that something is WRONG so they can help you quickly. 

    Also, take it one day at a time. It's a gift that you got to this place, so do not overthink it. Just one day at a time. 

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    It could last for a long time, if you try to keep it that way. It all depends on what you do

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