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Should i give my friend a closure?

I have a  friend. i used to hang out with her for a short period of time and i was really in a bad place and going through something that time and she knows it. i found out that she has feelings for me and her friend ask me to be careful around her so she wont be hopeful. I am going through something and decided  to cut her and went MIA without warning. And now after a year i heard from a friend that she's looking for some kind of closure  and i thought that it doesnt matter since it was a long time and it is better that way. I got a call from her and didnt respond. And now i just woke up feeling guilty. 

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    We don't need closure. If a relationship or friendship is over, it's over.  And that's the end of that. 

    Not sure why you feel guilty.  Did you commit a crime?  

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